File import

Bulk file import

There is no real bulk file import in the moment. If you want to import a lot of files you need to upload them in bunches or send us all your activities and your username by mail (please use something like for big attachments). We will import them directly into your account.

Negative distance step #x of xxx km detected

There are some edge cases where we cannot import activities. Some vendors and apps that record and create activity files also often manage to incorporate time jumps into the files. This means, for example, that at one point in time a distance X is first called and at the next data point one second later the distance is suddenly almost half a kilometre shorter. However, we have decided to reject such activities. The data just doesn’t make sense at this point.

The file import seems buggy? Incorrect values?

Send us an email with your sample file and a detailed description of what your expected results. We’ll have a look at your issue and will try to fix it.

FIT file - Swim heartrate isn’t imported

FIT file format - Heartrate from swim fit files cannot be saved in the moment (Issue #1498)

The file type *.XYZ is not supported

We already support a lot of different file types. If there is a good reason if we should support further file formats then send us an email with some sample files and we will have a look at it.

CSV file is not supported

In the moment we only support csv files by Epson and Wahoo. The import will fail if you upload other kind of csv files. It also makes little sense to import the CSV file from Garmin, because it contains only the averages and not the entire activity. RUNALYZE needs all the activity to calculate reliable prognosis.