If you have a concrete concept for a new feature, don’t hesitate to submit and discuss your idea at our Forum. This is the best place to discuss ideas and future features with other users and developers.

Will there be a synchronisation with other platforms?

Yes, definitely! Our first concern is providing an API for some apps. In the beginning the API will be limited for uploading new activities. Still, there is a lot of prework waiting for us until this is realizable, but we are getting closer. Current schedule for this feature is in Q2/Q3 2018.

Will there be an app for smartphones?

Some day, probably. So far, this is not a high priority as there are many other areas requiring our full attention.

My activity does not show up in my race results

Every activity of any sport can be marked as a race by simply checking the respective checkbox. It is not enought to change the activity type to “race”. Read more.

The translation is missing

Translations are maintained by our users and we cannot guarantee that everything has been translated when we roll out a new version. You can help us!.

There is a phantom race in the sports panel

Occasionally, training sessions that are in the future will be entered. This happens especially if a file format was used which is not standardized or if a manual activity was entered with an incorrect date. Use the search function in Runalyze to find these activities.