Direct sync with TomTom

Unfortunately TomTom gave up the sports watch division and blocked the API access for all new users.

TomTom Runner/Multisport Cardio

It seems that all files will be stored on your computer as soon as you connect your device:

OS (C:) / user / <name of user> / Tom Tom MySports / <name of clock >

There you’ll find a folder for every day with *.ttbin files.

Have a look at the following article at if you’re using the iPhone App.

If you’re using a MAC/Linux system you can get the files via usb or via bluetooth from your watch

If you’re using a Windows PC you can get the files via usb with this open source software.

TomTom MySports

OneClick Activity Bookmark Downloader

Drag the following link to your bookmarks bar - Just click on it when you’re on the activity page

TomTom-Export (FIT)
TomTom-Export (TCX)