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How can I delete my account?

If you want to delete your account, open your configuration, go to Account and click on the link to delete your account. You’ll get a confirmation email and need to click the link in the email to finally confirm the deletion of your account. All your data will be deleted immediately from our database.


The data will be available in our database for maximal 30 days after your deletion. We cannot restore individual accounts.

Enable R-R recording on Garmin 910XT

Turn on your device and enter the Menu. Now press UP and DOWN for 10 times. You will enter the so-called diagnostic menu. Select and change HRV to enable HRV data recording.

This does work for Garmin FR 620 as well.


We assume no responsibility for possible problems! You do this on your own risk. (Anyway, we enabled HRV on our devices as well and did not experience any issues so far.)

Enable R-R recording on Garmin 920XT/Fenix 3

Have a look at You’ll have to download a *.fit file and save it on your device.

Get the garmin communicator running in Firefox >=Version 43

Have a look at