For RUNALYZE testers

How to become a tester

We’re always looking for new tester for upcoming releases. If you own a self-hosted version of RUNALYZE and want to become a tester just drop us a mail. The next time we start a test phase you’ll receive a mail.

If you have an account in our official version at just leave us a mail with your username. You will get further information as soon as we are starting the next test phase.

Introduction for testers of self-hosted RUNALYZE installations

When it’s time for us to start a new test phase you will receive a mail with a link to a current build of the upcoming release. In addition we will provide a list of all important changes.

Your most important task is to test the update procedure itself. We will provide an update documentation for each release.

Please leave us a mail, if ...

  • something is not understandable during the update process.
  • the update documentation is wrong.
  • you have an error during the update process.

If there are any errors (empty pages, something does not show up, internal server error, …) it’s always important that you have a look into the „error.log“ of your webserver (nginx, apache ...) if error messages do not show up directly. In addition, please tell us which database system you’re using (mySQL, mariaDB ...).

Please leave a mail as well if you think everything is fine during the update process. It’s important for us to know that the update is working. The more feedback we’re receiving the less we have to answer support questions and can concentrate on programming new features for RUNALYZE.

We are happy that you help us to improve the quality of RUNALYZE. Feedback is always appreciated!

Introduction for testers of our official RUNALYZE installation

If you’re a tester of the upcoming RUNALYZE version we will copy your data of your account at to a temporary installation at We’ll provide a list of all changes and things you definetly should test. You can simply login with your official account.

Outside of the test phase it will happen that the version at won’t work. We are just updating and copying the user data for the version during the test phase.

Don’t forget that we have to delete all data of sometimes during and after the test phase. Just use it for this exact testing purpose - there won’t be any synchronization back to the official version at Before each test phase, we’ll just import your ‘real’ data from again.

Most of the features we are adding in upcoming releases to RUNALYZE are already tested by some candidates and by our automatic tests, but it can always happen that we make mistakes which are not covered by automatic tests.

Please report your problems in our forum or leave us a mail, if ...

  • something seems strange to you.
  • something is not working the way you are expecting.
  • or you just want to say something about a new feature.

In case of an error ...

  • tell us what you tried to do.
  • tell us at which time you tried it (we will look into our log files).

We are happy that you help us to improve the quality of RUNALYZE. Feedback is always appreciated!