Getting started

We are very happy that you joined RUNALYZE! We are a small team (Hannes, Michael and Neele), working on RUNALYZE only during leisure time. We still try to improve RUNALYZE as much as possible and adapt it to your needs every day.

You may have logged in for the first time and you may be overwhelmed by all the information so far. We can assure that you will getting comfortable after a couple of days with RUNALYZE!

There are three sections


Calendar view / databrowser

Here you find a short overview of all your activities within any chosen period. You can navigate through all weeks/months/years (using the arrow icons) or select any time period (calendar icon). The set of values shown in this table is configurable. Go to “Configuration -> Dataset” and select the data you’re most interested in.



The main focus of RUNALYZE is on statistics about your activities. We provide several “staticstic plugins” where you can find a lot of different evaluations of your activities. Be it your route map, your race results, activity records or a retrospect by the months - it’s all there (and if not, just ask us to add it).

As always: You can decide which statistics should appear and order the active ones according to your desires (“Configuration -> Plugins”).


The panels give a quick overview of the most important data. You can have a look at your shape or keep an eye on your equipment and training progress.

Configure your account

Different countries, different units of lengths and temperatures - You can change them! RUNALYZE comes with a large set of configuration settings so that you can adjust the output at many points. Just take a look at your configuration. Whenever the meaning of a setting is unclear, hove the label with your mouse to see the tooltip with additional hints.


If you have misconfigured something and can’t remember the old values you can reset the configuration in your account configuration.

Import/Create an activity

We provide a guide how to import your (old) activities from several devices and platforms.


We plan to provide a synchronization with other apps such that you don’t need to manually upload your activities, but this work is still in progress.

And, however, we think there’s a clear benefit in creating/importing your activities manually. By this means you’ll think about the training again and add some more details instead of hoping that the synchronization tool does all the magic for you.

Share your profile or activities

By default, all your data in RUNALYZE is only visible to you and only you. But you can publish individual activities or your athlete page. Check your privacy settings at (“Configuration -> Privacy”). As soon as you have enabled your public athlete page you will see a chain symbol at the databrowser, which will redirect you to your athlete page.

Take a look at the badges to share your athlete page on your blog or forum signature.

Understanding the calculations

After importing some activities you may have a look at the calculations on the right side. Just hover over the label to see the meaning of these calculations. If you want to know how they are calculated have a look at the magic wand and the info icon.

Improve the quality of your prognosis

To get a good prognosis you should at least add one race and a month of activity data.

What can I expect from RUNALYZE in the future?

  • A new (clear, responsible) Design (the current one is ‘slightly’ outdated)
  • Automatic synchronization with other apps / vendors
  • Easier & clearer configuration
  • Better documentation of the various parameters and statistics
  • Optional community functions
  • Better support for swimming and cycling

“I have an idea / a question / a problem”

We are pleased to help! To ensure that all users benefit from your request we ask you to use our forum (english & german). Make sure first whether your question has been answered already or is part of our documentation.