Import activities

We know that you have a whole bunch of activities you would like to import. RUNALYZE supports a wide range of file types and tries to fit all your needs. Still, some file types can be tricky.


Use - if possible - the fit file format for importing activities


What kind of device do you have?

Export from other Webservices


- Resampled file [1]
- Does not encode pauses [2]

Bulk export of all activities via command-line

Use the Runtastic Archiver tool which is available at github (How-TO)

Different file types

We get a lot of questions regarding file types: Which one is better and which one contains more data? To answer these questions we have created a table to show what we can import from each file type (as long as your device logged this data).

Please send us an example file if you think we are missing some data during the import.

  • N = No
  • M = Maybe
  • C = Will be calculated if not present
  • CC = Will be calculated when a condition is given


FIT file format - Heartrate from swim fit files cannot be saved in the moment


Distances may be recalculated in some cases, when there are no distance information for gps datapoints.


If you need remove sections, combine files or fix corrupt times in FIT files then use the website _`Fit File Tools <>`_.

Type FIT TCX/TTBIN GPX PWX hrm & gpx Fitlog Logbook (3) kml/kmz TRK sml slf xml(Suunto) csv(Epson) hrm
Name                   N      
Calories ✓/C ✓/C C C C ✓/C ✓/C ✓/C ✓/C ✓/C ✓/C C C
GPS N    
Altitude N N  
Temperature N N N   N
Laps/Rounds N N N    
Pauses N N N N N N   ?  
Cadence (spm/rpm) N N N N N  
Power N N N N N N N      
Stride length CC CC CC CC CC N N N N C N   CC CC
Ground Contact Time N N N N N N N N N N     N
Ground Contact Balance N N N N N N N N N N     N
Vertical oscillation N N N N N N N N N N     N
Vertical ratio CC N N N N N N N N N N     N
Swim Strokes N N N N N N N N N N   N N
Swim Stroke type N N N N N N N N N N N N N
FIT details [3] N N N N N N N N N N N N N
[1]The idea of resampling data is to reduce the size of files and/or to simplify the process of generating the map for an activity. When you import such data it is nearly impossible to calculate the length of the activity. Sometimes the pace graph will show useless lines.
[2]Pauses can be encoded in TCX/GPX files with closed tracks/tracks segements. If they are not encoded RUNALYZE has to guess where pauses took place. If you have problems you can disable the detection of pauses in (General settings -> Activity form -> Detect pause)
[3]FIT files contain some Garmin-only values like recovery time, performance condition, hrv score and V02max estimate.


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