Getting support for RUNALYZE is not hard. If you have problems or a general question about RUNALYZE, you have the following options to contact us or the community:

  • RUNALYZE Community Group on Facebook: Ask your questions, post your ideas to our very active Facebook Group.
  • Forum: You can post your question in English or German. That’s the best place to reach someone who can help you.
  • Google+: Post your question in our Google+ community.
  • Facebook: Post on your question on our Facebook page or write a private message to us.

How to report a problem

Please check twice that you provide all needed information when reporting a problem. Inaccurate and unprecise support requests waste a lot of our time - time, that we’d love to put in the development instead.

Before you report a problem
  • Make sure that you’ve checked our help page!
  • Make sure that you’ve checked our forum and googled before asking!
Provide all possible information
  • Please describe your problem as detailed as possible (everything needed to reproduce your problem)
  • Tell us when the problem happend
  • Add a screenshot if you think it might help us
  • In case of problems with an activity file: Add that file to your report!
  • Tell us which device or app you are using
  • Tell us your device’s firmware if known
  • Use the forum to report your problem!

Report a bug

  • RUNALYZE Facebook Community: Questions are public to everyone, so that everyone can see the answer
  • Forum: Questions are public to everyone, so that everyone can see the answer
  • We use a ticket system with automatic integration to our Slack channel - just send an email if you want to share something with us privately.