Translation of RUNALYZE

RUNALYZE is multilingual and comes with a small set of supported languages. Translations are maintained by our users - and this includes you.

By registering at you can start translating RUNALYZE into any missing language or help to improve existing translations.

If you have problems to understand the original string without context you have two options:

  • Leave a comment for the respective string
  • Take a look at the Source string location (mentioned on the right side)
  • Or ask questions in the forum

Translation process

When you look at the project translation overview you will see several components. Only the components with the name “master” in it are interesting.

There is a difference between these two components (po & xlff):

Runalyze-Master (po)

Have a look at the Not translated strings, Strings needing action and Strings marked for review. These are strings which need to be translated and reviewed.

Runalyze-Master (xlff)

XLFF is another translation file format and the behaviour is a bit different in weblate. When you want to translate strings in this component you should look at Source and translated strings are same

Example video for understanding the process:


The “master” components representing the development version of RUNALYZE. The other two components respresenting the latest official released version of RUNALYZE. All tranlsations are automatically propagated through all components.


Translations are merged into our development branch and updated in our official online version at irregular intervals. New languages will be added there as soon as they reach the magic limit of 90 %.